Wednesday, 2 January 2013

So. A new reading year has arrived.  Oh, the possibilities! 

I finished my first book of the year yesterday. It was Josephine Tey's To Love and Be Wise. And, while not my favourite Tey, it was enjoyably diverting. (Mr. Inkslinger was thoughtful enough to give me several Teys for Christmas,so there will be more Tey to come). 

To Love and Be Wise follows the fascinating Inspector Grant as he attempts to discover what happened to an American photographer (one Leslie Searle) who disappeared while visiting a quiet English village.  Searle seems to have had a polarizing effect on people, lengthening the list of suspects Grant must encounter. I have to say, I do love Grant.  There's something so very tangible about him.

And I've just about finished another interesting book of poetry from Brick Books: Omens In the Year of the Ox.  More to come.

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